Sunday, February 10, 2019

About the Author

Soon after completing college, Bob entered the Professional Golfers Association and became a “Certified Golf Instructor” catering mostly to a high-end client base.  Years later, he entered the real estate industry when once again, he achieved a high level of success.

Then quite suddenly, a series of events transpired which threatened to change his life forever. To help him overcome the challenges that he knew Bob would face, a good friend urged him to begin writing a story about the series of events which would soon follow.

He realized after listening to his friend, that he should indeed heed his friend’s suggestion and begin writing the story which was about to unfold. This began an entirely new career for Bob.

Bob and his good friend Kimber Eastwood, are in the process of developing a movie script based on the novel.  A sequel to "KATE" entitled "KATE - Second Edition",  is currently being written as well.
He currently divides his time between his home Newport Beach, California and Carmel located on the Central Coast of California.

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