Saturday, September 12, 2020

Surprise - A New Twist

I'm changing the main "flow" of KATE. What I mean is throughout the story, there will be a sub story, and as the story progresses to the end, the sub story will eventually become the main story. It's going to have kind of a Hitchcock type ending - but very romantic!   

Sunday, May 3, 2020

KATE - Revision / Second Edition

Because the intent has always been to have the opportunity to develop the novel "KATE" into possibly a made for television film, or if worthy enough, to make it feature film, I decided to rework the story, and then re-title the book "KATE - Second Edition".

When both the sequel and rough draft for the script are completed, hopefully Randy Brown will do whatever he needs to do to complete the script writing process. Randy is the real "pro" in this endeavor and has several feature films to his credit.

I will attempt to keep the website/blog updated by making periodic changes for the reader of this website. 

Thank you ---

Monday, June 24, 2019



A Novel

Inspired by True Events

Kate walks out of the doctor’s office after receiving news she didn’t want to hear. She decides to   head over to the local park to get in her daily dose of exercise.

After she completes her workout, she walks over to an adjoining ball field where she spots a particular young lady who is a top-line pitcher for the Rampage Softball Club, in the Olympic sport of Girls-Fastpitch softball. Being an athlete herself, Kate is quite taken by this young lady.

She has heard about this girl and the many challenging obstacles she has overcome in her young life. Kate immediately sees that the young lady far exceeds the usual qualities of your normal high school athlete. This girl is mature well-beyond her years.

She decides to introduce herself to the young lady. After talking for several minutes, they learn they have a great deal in common. Their relationship quickly begins to flourish and they soon realize that a series of events in their past, is the reason why they are drawn to each other now.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

From the Author

Apologies if you run across typographical, grammatical, or editorial errors. By the time you have read this, either myself or the publisher, will have learned of any errors.

How many of you, have either thought of, or told someone you’d like to write but don’t know where to begin. I’ll respond this way: Simply get on your computer, or with a clean sheet of paper from your legal pad, write down just a couple words. Now you’ve begun!

The concept that stuck with me throughout the two-year process of writing “KATE” was this. Don’t force yourself to write. Don’t schedule yourself to write. Write only when you feel like it. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

The writing of "KATE" was a great experience for me. Because “KATE” is based on true events, it allowed me to go through, or re-live many events in my life. Some great and some not so great. But I recommend the writing experience to anyone.

Should you wish to purchase some of the beautiful pictures of the places visited in the story, or just simply contact me. I may be reached at: . 

Thank you.

About the Author

Soon after completing college, Bob entered the Professional Golfers Association and became a “Certified Golf Instructor” catering mostly to a high-end client base.  Years later, he entered the real estate industry when once again, he achieved a high level of success.

Then quite suddenly, a series of events transpired which threatened to change his life forever. To help him overcome the challenges that he knew Bob would face, a good friend urged him to begin writing a story about the series of events which would soon follow.

He realized after listening to his friend, that he should indeed heed his friend’s suggestion and begin writing the story which was about to unfold. This began an entirely new career for Bob.

Bob and his good friend Kimber Eastwood, are in the process of developing a movie script based on the novel.  A sequel to "KATE" entitled "KATE - Second Edition",  is currently being written as well.
He currently divides his time between his home Newport Beach, California and Carmel located on the Central Coast of California.