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The Author's Background


Bob Houseman

Brief Resume

After completing his military service in the United Sates Navy, and graduating from the University of Southern California, Bob’s college degree in Business Finance allowed him to enter the investment business as a Floor Trader for the investment firm Wedbush, Noble and Cook, on the floor of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange in Los Angeles California.

Several years later when the stock market turned upside down, and because he was an outstanding golfer, he was invited to be one of the first Golf Professionals at the new and prestigious Big Canyon Country Club in Newport Beach, where he immediately entered the Professional Golfer’s Association Apprentice Program.

He completed the P.G.A. Business School's I and II, specializing in the areas of Marketing, Merchandising and Golf Instruction, when he became a “Certified Golf Instructor” in the program.

Bob won the first two Professional Golf Tournaments he entered, including the Andy Williams San Diego Open Pro Am. He played in numerous mini-tour events in Georgia, Florida, and the Carolina's. He also played on the former Grapefruit Tour in the Western United States, and was frequently among the “top 10” money earners.

While on the staff at Big Canyon Country Club, he met and subsequently cultivated a close personal friendship with Randall Presley, Founder, President and CEO of Presley Development Company in Newport Beach, California.

Because of his vast experience, his personality, and his ability to get along with people, Bob was asked if he would consider terminating his responsibilities at Big Canyon, and assume the new responsibility of Sales Manager, at the prestigious Nellie Gail Ranch in Laguna Hills California.

He believed this was an opportunity that was too good to turn down. He accepted the challenge and within the first two years, became one of the top New Home Sales persons in the country.

Years later and quite suddenly, a series of events transpired which threatened to change his life forever. To help him overcome the challenges that he knew Bob would face, a good friend urged him to begin writing a story about the series of events which would soon follow.

He realized after listening to his friend, that he should indeed heed his friend’s suggestion, and begin writing the story which was about to unfold. This began an entirely new career for Bob.

The story of "KATE" is Bob's first effort into becoming a "published" author. Please enjoy the brief synopsis below.

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Monday, June 24, 2019



A Novel

Inspired by True Events

Brief Synopsis

Kate walks out of the doctor’s office after receiving news she didn’t want to hear. She decides to   head over to the local park to get in her daily dose of exercise.

After she completes her workout, she walks over to an adjoining ball field where she spots a particular young lady who is a top-line pitcher for the Rampage Softball Club, in the Olympic sport of Girls-Fastpitch softball. Being an athlete herself, Kate is quite taken by this young lady.

She has heard about this girl and the many challenging obstacles she has overcome in her young life. Kate immediately sees that the young lady far exceeds the usual qualities of your normal high school athlete. This girl is mature well-beyond her years.

She decides to introduce herself to the young lady. After talking for several minutes, they learn they have a great deal in common. Their relationship quickly begins to flourish and they soon realize that a series of events in their past, is the reason why they are drawn to each other now.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

From the Author

My apologies if you run across any typographical, grammatical, or editorial errors. By the time you read this the publisher will have learned and hopefully made any corrections necessary.

I certainly don't claim to be a great writer - at all. However, what I do claim to have is a wonderful heartwarming story.

How many of you, have either thought of, or told someone you’d like to write but don’t know where to begin. I’ll respond this way: Get on your computer, or with a clean sheet of paper from your legal pad, write down just a couple words. Now you’ve begun!

The concept that stuck with me throughout the two-year process of writing “KATE” was this. Don’t force yourself to write and don’t schedule yourself to write. Write only when you feel like it and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

The writing of "KATE" was a great experience for me. Because the novel “KATE” is based on many true events, it allowed me to re-live many events in not only my life, but many other lives depicted in the story as well. Some great and some not so great. 

Should you wish to purchase some of the beautiful pictures of the places visited in the story, or just simply contact me. I may be reached at: .   Or - 949-357-5486

Thank you.