Sunday, February 10, 2019

From the Author

Apologies if you run across typographical, grammatical, or editorial errors. By the time you have read this, either myself or the publisher, will have learned of any errors.

How many of you, have either thought of, or told someone you’d like to write but don’t know where to begin. I’ll respond this way: Simply get on your computer, or with a clean sheet of paper from your legal pad, write down just a couple words. Now you’ve begun!

The concept that stuck with me throughout the two-year process of writing “KATE” was this. Don’t force yourself to write. Don’t schedule yourself to write. Write only when you feel like it. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

The writing of "KATE" was a great experience for me. Because “KATE” is based on true events, it allowed me to go through, or re-live many events in my life. Some great and some not so great. But I recommend the writing experience to anyone.

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About the Author

Soon after completing college, Bob entered the Professional Golfers Association and became a “Certified Golf Instructor” catering mostly to a high-end client base.  Years later, he entered the real estate industry where he once again, achieved a high level of success.

Then quite suddenly, a series of events transpired which threatened to change his life forever. To help him overcome the emotional challenges that he knew Bob would face, a close friend urged him to begin writing a story about the series of events which would soon follow.

He realized after listening to his friend, that he should indeed heed his friend’s suggestion and begin writing the story which was about to unfold. This began an entirely new career for Bob.

Bob and his good friend Kimber Eastwood, are winding up development on a movie script based on the novel "KATE".  A sequel to "KATE" is currently being written as well.
He currently divides his time between his home in Southern California and Carmel, located on the Central Coast of California.


Background of the story of KATE

Several year’s ago, I wrote two screenplays - one, entitled BETWEEN THE LINES. A story about a young girl named Amy, and the physical and emotional obstacles she overcame as a young kid.

The other screenplay entitled TWO LESS LONELY PEOPLE. A story about a woman named Kate who has just been told she has but a short time to live.

Almost by accident, and a chance meeting, I had the opportunity to show these screenplays to several rather well-placed movie folks. I was told these two screenplays were quite good, for someone who had never written anything more than college term papers. The most common word used, was “compelling”.

They encouraged me however to combine the two screenplays and develop both of these screenplays into one manuscript.

The purpose being that as someone who had never written before, the movie guys believed that it would enhance the quality of the manuscript, by my learning how to work on developing the three or four main characters.

It was suggested to me to write at least one page for each main character, describing and talking about that character.

Being that the screenplays were based on actual events, it made the chore of the character development much easier. I could draw on the many events that actually did occur.

It was relatively easy to bring the main character from each story together and see how their relationships developed and became intertwined into one story, the story of KATE.

Upon completion of writing the manuscript, I was told that the story was quite good. If it was my goal to make my first endeavor into creating a first-class book or novel, it would have been easier to just hire someone and pay whatever their fee would have been.

Parts of the story might be a bit rough around the edges, but my goal was to write the story on my own with no help or assistance from anyone.

I wanted this to be my project and if there was going to be any mistakes, I was the one who would make them, and I would learn from these mistakes.

I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that although there are a few parts that might read like a script, the reader would be able to understand the personality of the main characters and what makes the character tick, and that the story flowed quite nicely to a logical conclusion.